Stockport Studio

We're proud to offer classes in a wide range of theatre dance styles, creating an all-rounded dancer. All our students work towards our annual show, competitions, special performances and much more.

Our classes are categorised into age groups, however a mix of experience, age and ability are all deciding factors of which class a student will be placed into.

Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Where we started! Ballet is the core of all dance styles. Not only does ballet training benefit dancer's posture, flexibility and confidence but also helps in the training of other styles. Ballet is a great companion for our Jazz and Contemporary classes! We are currently offering classes from age 3.5 to 10+.


Ballet & Tap

Age 3.5-5

(Nursery, Reception)

Our Introductory class is especially for children age 3 to 5 who are in Nursery and Reception. Students in this class learn the basics of Ballet technique in a fun age appropriate way incorporating games to aid their learning, not only for dance but for life skills too such as listening and concentration. We also do Tap dance in session, which helps children with counting and rhythm.

Tuesdays 16.30-17.30

£26.25 per month

Primary Ballet & Tap

Age 6-9 (Year 1 to 5)

A step up from our Introductory class, our Primary group begin to learn the next level of Ballet and Tap technique, including working towards examinations.

Saturday 09.30-10.30

£26.25 per month

Junior Ballet, Tap

& Jazz

Age 10+ (Year 5+)

Similar to our Primary class, our Juniors now learn the next level up in Ballet and Tap technique and are also introduced to a new style, Jazz, which includes kicks, leaps, turns, jumps and flexibility.

Saturday 13.15-14.45

£36.50 per month

Authentic Street Dance

We are proud to be the only dance school in Stockport to teach Real Authentic Street Dance - our principal has trained with Urban Strides, the Street Dance speciailists, to provide our students the training they need to success in Street Dance training. 

Street Dance is an umbrella term which includes lots of different styles, the 5 most influential being Locking, Breaking, Popping, Hip Hop and House, plus other styles such as Krumping, Vogueing and Waacking. Our curriculum at EP DANCE covers Locking, Basic Breaking, Hip Hop and House.

We run Street Dance classes from age 6 up to adults, so there is certainly something for everyone!

Primary Street

Age 6-9 (Year 2 to 5)

Tuesdays 17.45-18.45

£26.25 per month


Junior Street

Age 9-12 (Year 4 to 7)

Saturdays 10.45-11.45 
Tuesdays 19.00-20.00

£26.25 per month


Senior Street

Age 13+ (Year 8+)

Saturdays 3-4pm

£26.25 per month



Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Classes are made up of flexibility work, technical exercises, creativity and choreography.

We offer Contemporary dance classes for age 9 and above.

Junior Contemporary

Age 9-12 (Year 4 to 7)

Saturdays 12.00-13.00

£26.25 per month


Senior Contemporary

Age 12-16 (Year 8-11)

Saturdays 3-4pm

£26.25 per month


Private Tuition

Private lessons are available to those who would like a more personalised training, fast-track or prepare for a competition, examination or audition. 

To find out more about private lessons and our availability, please get in touch.


Increased my confidence

EP DANCE helped me get back into dancing after quitting it for a few years and as it increased my confidence it helped me branch out to other areas of performance arts. This encouraged me to peruse acting a uni where I am today.

- Erin, former student, now studying Acting and Theatre Making at London College of Music

A place where she can be herself and express herself

Lily started with EP Dance in September 2016. Since then I've seen LIly go from a shy little 4 yr old to a now 9 yr old who loves all aspects of her dancing. As each new class has become available to her Lily has taken to it amazingly. Lily does all the classes that are available to her at EP, has recently done her ballet and tap exams and is preparing for her 4th showcase. Her confidence and presence whilst she is dancing is completely different to her day to day mannerisms; it's a place she can be herself and express herself through dance. EP Dance is a family, genuine concern for the wellbeing of their students. Emily is a fabulous dance teacher and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her or EP Dance at any given opportunity.

- Sharon, mum of Lily

She loves her teacher

Since my daughter started classes with EP DANCE I can see an improvement in the way she dances as well as her confidence performing in front of people. She loves her teacher and dancing with the other girls in her class.

- Claire, mum of Sophie

What to expect from our classes

We endeavour to build confidence in all our students from their first lesson, no matter their age, experience or ability.

All classes focus on building technique, learning moves and eventually putting them together to create routines ready for shows, performances or competitions, or ready for examinations (IDTA Ballet, Tap & Modern classes). We also encourage creativeness and often give our students tasks to challenge their creative side.

So not every week will include learning a new routine, but you will always be learning something new or bettering yourself as a dancer!

Easy Payments

Upon signing up, you will be requested to fill in payment details; these are used for your £10 registration fee and for your monthly fees, so no worrying about paying an invoice, everything is done automatically by direct debit.

Money Back Guarantee

We don't do taster sessions as such as when we offer these we end up getting a lot of people through the door once which disrupts the family atmosphere of our school. Instead, we offer a money back guarantee so after your first lesson if you aren't 100% satisfied that it's the best dance class for your child then you are entitled to a refund of the remaining classes in the month.

If you're not 100% satisfied after your first class that it's the best dance class for your child we'll refund you the rest of the month.


My child has never danced before, can they still join?

Of course! Our classes are for all abilities. As long as you aren't attending another dance school

Do you offer taster sessions or free trials?

We don't do taster sessions as such as when we offer these we end up getting a lot of people through the door once which disrupts the family atmosphere of our school. Instead, we offer a money back guarantee so after your first lesson if you aren't 100% satisfied that it's the best dance class for your child then you are entitled to a refund of the remaining classes in the month.

What should my child wear to their first class?

For your child's first class, please make sure that your child is wearing clothing that is appropriate for exercise, e.g. leggings and a t-shirt. For Ballet, Modern and Contemporary classes, students must wear bare feet and for Street, Tap and Musical Theatre students should wear a pair of clean, dry trainers. Once children have been at the school for 3-4 weeks they must wear the full uniform for the class. Our uniform list can be found by clicking here.

Can parents stay and watch classes?
Unfortunately we don’t allow parents to watch all classes; this usually causes a lot of children to get distracted, however every so often we let parents and families come in and watch on our open days which will resume once COVID-19 restrictions are lowered! Nevertheless we do allow parents of our under 5's students to sit in their first class.

How do I sign up for classes?

To sign up for classes with EP DANCE, simply fill in our easy sign up form here!

How do I pay for classes?

We've made our payments really simple for classes - once you sign up online and have been approved into the class (if there are spaces available), you will receive an email from us with instructions of how to pay for your classes. It's a really simple system which takes 90 seconds to sign up - a direct debit will then be taken from your account on the 1st of every month so you don't even have to think about it!

Do classes run through the holidays?
We usually run classes throughout the year, with the exception of Easter and Christmas. You will be notified in advance of any weeks that classes are not running.

Do the students take part in shows?
Yes! We hold a showcase every summer in a professional theatre which all students are invited to take part in. Our students also have the opportunity to take part in examinations with the IDTA, competitions and much more!

My child has been told to self-isolate - what happens?

You will need to follow the rules set by the government on self-isolation, however your child will not miss out as they can join us from home via Zoom whilst they are isolating.

What precautions do you have in place for COVID-19?

Our class sizes have been limited to 9 so that we can practice social distancing. There are spots marked out on the floor so that students can keep their 2 metre distance. There are gaps of 15 minutes between any classes where there are big changeover of students. Drop offs are at the door only so that parents are not entering the building. For our younger students who require a parent or guardian to bring them up to the studio, NHS Track and Trace is in place. Hand washing is also required on entering the building. Should we have to close the studio for face-to-face classes due to government guidance, classes will resume online. There maybe slight time changes, which you will notified of prior to the classes moving online.

Hire our studio!

Our central Stockport dance studio is available to hire for rehearsals, classes, photoshoots and much more.